[Linux-aus] LCA2014 - Next steps to get it done?

Luke John luke.john at osmahi.com
Tue Sep 4 19:44:30 EST 2012

Also for future bids there would be value in having a "prospective bid open
evening" where teams or individuals sign up for a 20 minute session with
Ghosts, the last years LCA team, and anyone else with wisdom to share
on mumble or irc.  This would be best run during or right after the
Expressions of interest stage.

This session would be so they can discuss their bid ideas and get
instant feedback on queries like; how many delegates did you get last
year per ticket type, who set up zookeepr, what was the address of
that super useful wiki that had all the answers and we're thinking of
doing this different what do you think?

Based on how many bids are being made this would likely take at most
one evening.

Kind Regards
Luke John

On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 5:29 PM, Luke John <luke.john at osmahi.com> wrote:
> For all those members who are happy to help out with bids as part of a
> distributed team, and anyone else who is free and would like to
> attend, the Perth Bid Team will be having an open meeting this
> Thursday evening @ 6pm GMT +8 (8pm EST) on Plugs (Perth Linux Users
> Group) Mumble server <mumble.plug.org.au> and Plugs IRC <server:
> irc.plug.org.au channel: #plug> with a public bid doc which we would
> love you to attend, learn about our bid and decide if you'd like to
> become involved.
> I would recommend anyone else planning on putting forward a bid do the
> same (though hopefully at a different time).  You would be welcome to
> use the PLUG mumble server.  I'd also be happy to set the duration for
> the Perth bid discussion to 1 hour so the other teams can go before or
> after using the same resources.
> Kind Regards
> Luke John
> from the LCA 2014 Perth Bid Team
> On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 4:35 PM, James Turnbull <james at lovedthanlost.net> wrote:
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>> Joshua Hesketh wrote:
>>> I would also be more than happy to mentor anybody too. You're welcome
>>> to contact me on or off list before and after any formal EOI etc.
>> Same - I juggled money for LCA2008 so I am happy to throw eyes over bids
>> or budgets.
>> Regards
>> James Turnbull
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