[Linux-aus] LCA2014 update update - what can we do to reduce workload?

Ben Dechrai ben at dechrai.com
Mon Sep 3 11:41:55 EST 2012

+1 to everything Tim says about NextDayVideo. They also did OSDC2010 and
Drupal DownUnder recently. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them; in
fact they should be a prerequisite :)


On 03/09/12 11:19, Tim Ansell wrote:
> Seriously, just get NextDayVideo to do the video; it's cost effective
> and low touch. They have done a huge number of events including PyCon AU
> (the last 3 events, plus an LA event) and PyCon US (an event 4 times the
> size of LCA). The biggest restriction for them is how fast the upload
> pipe is, with sufficient upload speed they really do provide videos the
> next day. They know all the tricks to getting good video and where all
> the problems occur (for example, making sure you pick up chargers,
> cabling and spares from the A/V place). *It's taken them 5 years to get
> this right, it is not something a new team is going to get right first
> time.*
> As an ex-PyCon AU I highly recommend their services, and I'm sure Chris
> and Josh from this year would as well.
> Ryan (one of the next day owners) has helped out at various LCAs but
> always gets hamstrung by getting called in at the last minute and not
> being given full control over it. I'm considering bidding myself and
> NextDayVideo would be the only group I'd consider for video.
> Tim
> On 2 September 2012 14:21, Jeremy Visser <jeremy at visser.name
> <mailto:jeremy at visser.name>> wrote:
>     On 1/09/2012 2:02 PM, Joshua Hesketh wrote:
>     > There are people involved in video and networking who know how to
>     do it
>     > for LCA (and do it really well) and would be more than happy to
>     provide
>     > advise if not assistance.
>     This.
>     I was an A/V cameraman for LCA2011 and LCA2012, and would love to do the
>     same for LCA2014.
>     The setup for '11 and '12 was more-or-less the same -- same software,
>     even an overlap of a lot of the same people. This means it's already a
>     solved problem -- a wheel that doesn't need to be reinvented for 2014.
>     LCA2014 probably won't have 16:9 or HD, but this is about
>     *achievability*.

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