[Linux-aus] The Sydney Raspberry Pi user group: http://www.ozberrypi.org/

Andrew Stone andrew at drivenlogic.com.au
Sun Sep 2 15:01:10 EST 2012

Hello All,

I organise the Raspberry Pi user group in Sydney: http://www.ozberrypi.org/
We have just had out first meet and it was well attended... It would be
great to see some further involvement from the greater Linux community! ;)

Even though we have centred the meet around the Raspberry Pi we are
inclusive of other open hardware and FOSS in general.

It would be awesome if some of you could make it along... we are also
trying to arrange some lab space somewhere for weekend hackspace style
If anyone knows where I can find some open lab space near Sydney city that
would be really helpful (for about 30+ people).

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please sing out.

Please note: that If you live in Melbourne there is a local meet there too


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