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Just a reminder that this is closing tomorrow.

Cheers, Bianca
On Oct 1, 2012 9:10 PM, "Bianca Gibson" <bianca.rachel.gibson at gmail.com>

> Haecksen call for papers is open!
> With huge recent increases in the number of women speaking in the
> linux.conf.au main program, this year, the Haecksen miniconf is looking
> for talks by women that encompass the wide range of activities that women
> are involved in throughtout open source.
> The Haecksen miniconf seeks people involving in
> -----------------------------
> -open software
> -open hardware
> -community involvement
> -hackerspaces
> -smart crafting
> -advocacy
> -professional development
> We are seeking both talks and panel participation on these subjects,
> please let us know whether you are interested in giving a talk, being on a
> panel, or both.
> What is linux.conf.au?
> ----------------------------
> linux.conf.au (LCA) is an open source conference. It brings together
> Linux and open source enthusiasts and is the biggest conference of its kind
> in the southern hemisphere. More information about the conference is at
> linux.conf.au.
> Miniconfs (miniature conferences) are community-organised sessions
> designed to bring together like-minded delegates with interests in a
> specific field. They are run within the framework of the broader LCA event,
> and provide excellent opportunities for professional networking and
> developing presentation experience.
> Unfortunately, financial assistance is not available for miniconf
> speakers.
> Submissions
> ----------------------------
> To submit a proposal for the Haecksen miniconf, email us at
> unicorn at haecksen.net before 31st October 2012. Include your name and some
> information about what you want to do. An organiser will get in contact
> with you about it.
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