[Linux-aus] LCA2013 Sysadmin Miniconf: initial presentations announced, CFP continues

Ewen McNeill linux-aus at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Mon Oct 15 09:00:29 EST 2012

On 2012-09-12 14:52 , Ewen McNeill wrote:
> Call for Presentations
> Linux.conf.au 2013 Systems Administration Miniconf

The first set of presentations for the LCA2013 Sysadmin Miniconf have 
been announced at: http://sysadmin.miniconf.org/presentations13.html

The confirmed talks so far:

* Another look at scaling monitoring - Devdas Bhagat
* blkreplay: Experiences with Commercial vs OpenSource Storage Systems - 
Thomas Schöbel-Theuer, David Meder-Marouelli
* Linux in Defence - Jamie Birse
* Operating in an Ephemeral World - Steven Ellis
* OzLabs.org: Administering a system for "smart people" - Martin 
Schwenke and Stephen Rothwell
* Samba 4.0 - Andrew Bartlett
* Securing Linux with SELinux - Sander van Vugt
* Syzix: heading off the beaten $PATH - Kevin Pulo

The Call for Presentations remains open until the end of October 2012. 
We welcome additional submissions to the Miniconf.  If you were 
considering talking at the Miniconf now is the time to write up an 
abstract and submit it.

Submissions should be made via:


Questions should be sent to:

lca2013 @ sysadmin.miniconf.org

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