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Bruno Cornec Bruno.Cornec at hp.com
Thu Nov 8 10:37:32 EST 2012


The “Cross-Distribution” mini-conf at LCA 2013 is for people interested
in cooperation between Open Source distributions. Topics include
contributors agreements, licensing policies, packaging best practices
and tools, sharing patches with upstream projects, communications,
working with upstream Open Source developers, translations, governance,
workflow in place, version control systems, bug reporting management and
sharing, vcs-pkg.org, funding, marketing, lessons from your experience,
and whatever related topics people would like to bring up. Whether you
are a single contributor working on a single package, or leading a full
distribution, managing a full distribution infrastructure, or
representing it in the press, whether it’s famous as Debian or less as
AbulEdu this mini-conf hopes to bring different people together to
exchange thoughts and facilitate discussion about these topics.

Presentation submitters should feel free to suggest their own topics.
Here is a list of potentially interesting subjects (in no particular

   * Building software packages on a large scale
   * Choosing valid licenses and copyright policies
   * Patch management
   * Working with upstream
   * Forking a distribution
   * Experiences in distributed development
   * Managing bug report and enhancement request
   * Tools to support making a distribution
   * Translation of a distribution
   * Reuse between distributions
   * Collaboration between distributions
   * Distribution structures
   * FHS
   * Distribution Development Management and Governance
   * Distribution Corporate Governance
   * Lessons learned in building up your distribution
   * Marketing
   * Communication
   * Copyrights
   * Applying your copyright and license choices

We hope to receive proposals for:

   * 50 minute expert panel discussions
   * 50 minute full presentations
   * 25 minute half presentations
   * 5-10 minute lightning talks (e.g. success stories, …)

To submit a proposal, please contact me at bruno.cornec at hp.com
and include the following information:

   * Your name
   * Brief bio noting any previous speaking experience
   * Talk title
   * Brief outline of your proposed talk
   * Notes of any special equipment / facilities you may require

Bruno Cornec
Cf: https://lca2013.linux.org.au/wiki/Miniconfs/CrossDistributionLinux
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