[Linux-aus] Request for Grant under the Linux Australia Grants Program: UK Open Standards Consultation

Brendan Scott lists at opensourcelaw.biz
Tue May 8 23:02:00 EST 2012

Request for Grant under the Linux Australia Grants Program

**** Date: 8 May 2012

**** Project Name: 
Submission to UK Cabinet Office Open Standards Consultation

**** Aim of the Project:
Produce a short submission to the UK Cabinet Office Open Standards Consultation

**** Output
The output of the work would be a short submission.  A key component of the submission would be comment on the definition of "open standard" and the need for interoperability.  Governments struggle with the issue of open standards because they want to balance de facto standards against openness (hence permitting closed formats if they are already entrenched).  The UK Government at the moment is receptive to openness.  The outcome of this consultation will be fed into UK policies on interoperability and software procurement.  A favourable definition from the UK will be of benefit to the open source community generally as it will lower barriers to acquisition of open source applications.  Australian and other governments (eg EU) will look to the UK when revising their own position on open data.  The UK Government has granted an extension to the consultation process because of a conflict of interest by a facilitator of the round tables. 

The draft submission may be licensed openly (eg CC-BY-ND).  The UK Cabinet Office may require other licensing arrangements(?)
**** Milestones:
Submissions to the consultation are due by 4 June 2012 (UK time). Assuming approval by 23 May, the submission would be completed no later than 1 June (Australian time). 

**** Note:
Given the cut off date for submissions to the consultation, a prompt consideration of this application would be preferable.   

**** Person Responsible for Request:
Brendan Scott

**** Request:
Grant amount: $2,200

My Contribution: Costing for this project includes 1:1 contribution of my time.

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