[Linux-aus] LCA Ghosts was this weekend

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Sun May 6 18:43:22 EST 2012

I just read down a list of mailing addresses for people who need to
know this. I'm sending to a subset but I bet I have missed people. And
for that I apologise.

For the last three days, the physical part of the linux.conf.au Ghosts
meeting has taken place.[Some pics here http://goo.gl/da9Fv]  The
Canberra 2013 team hosted a group of previous conference people for a
weekend of information sharing.

Information was shared. Opinions were aired.

Face to face stuff with strong personalities is always hard. Conflicts
are inevitable and often erupt into unseemly contretemps.

That did not happen. A big room full of passionate people co-operated
in shaping a vision for an amazing LCA2013.

Hold on to your toilet seats people. LCA2013 is going to launch you into the...


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