[Linux-aus] Discussing a possible name change

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Tue May 1 20:11:49 EST 2012

No apology. I am creating Yet Another Thread on purpose.

It's a two step thing. Do we need a better name? My read on it is, yes we do.

Do we have a good candidate? That's up for grabs but we have many.

To me, the actual name is not a big issue. Whatever name we choose
will be a name that I will get behind and support to the best of my
ability. Right now I champion the causes of free and open source
software within the Australian government and my tiny influence
spreads across 187 Federal Government agencies. Clearly my voice has
not yet been loud enough. :) Yet what my team and I do is often held
up as an exemplar of OSS done right.

This week of Bike-Shedding has revealed a small handful of committed
nay-sayers and a great profusion of smart people looking for a way

I am a great believer in Having a Go. Take a deep breath. Imagine an
Australia (or a world) in which our Values[0] are what we are here
for. What would our name be in that world?

[0] http://linux.org.au/values

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