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Hi Dave, all

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> The discussion about names seems to often lead to the point that
> trying
> to encompass everything relevant in a name and/or byline leads to
> long names that could be as much of a problem in future.
> A name that does not contain too information might be the answer.
> I think the points about meaningless brand names like "Sony" or
> "Epson" are strong.

That's because there are lots of high profile communications using the brand name. You see it on billboards, posters, and product boxes, over many decades in many shops and in extremely high volumes.
It gets brand recognition, respect through past display of quality, etc.

I don't think this really applies to Linux Australia.
Achieving more/broader brand recognition makes sense, but then the name has to incorporate what it means - and not just to the "in" crowd. To me, that already disqualifies "Libre" (apart from being to close to the Libra brand of sanitary products). The word Libre tends to require clarification/explanation to those who are not already familiar with it, so it becomes the equivalent of an in-joke. It's not suitable for branding.

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