[Linux-aus] LA Name Change - the process

Stephen Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue Jul 24 10:36:24 EST 2012

On 07/20/2012 03:34 AM, Chris Neugebauer wrote:
> Indeed, this option was mooted in the previous centi-thread.  There
> are two counterarguments here:
> 1) Such a method would generate an unreasonable paperwork burden upon
> the council, given that this approach would need to be made available
> to every LA-run conference.  If it's not offered to every conference,
> then it strikes me as counterproductive.

it's about 4 sheets of paper to open up a 'child' bank account with 

Compare this with the paperwork to create the Parent Organisation Not 
Called Linux Australia, then moving Linux Australia under PONCLA, 
shuffling bank accounts around to be owned by relevant orgs, creating 
new ones, making sure the audit trail is clear for LA getting seed 
funding from PONCLA for linux.conf.au, but handing back 4 or 5 times 
that funding to the parent org when it's all done, and this argument 
doesn't really hold much weight.

> 2) It's counterproductive, as we'll then lose the brand recognition
> that comes from multiple conferences being run under the same banner.
> If PyCon AU is run by PyCon AU, then selling e.g. LCA onto PyCon's
> sponsors becomes a more difficult task, rather than an easier one as
> it currently is.

Bank accounts don't give you brand recognition. Conference Name and 
Reputation is what gives you brand recognition. Continual Sponsor 
contact and Proper handoff can solve the problem of prickly sponsors who 
don't understand the landscape.

my 2cents

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