[Linux-aus] Council Meeting Minutes 2012-02-15

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Wed Feb 22 17:26:45 EST 2012

These minutes are also available on our website at https://linux.org.au/meeting/2012-02-15

Wed, 2012-02-15 20:06 - 21:07
Present: Peter Lieverdink, John Ferlito, Joshua Hesketh, Michael Carden, Clinton Roy, James Polley, Bianca Gibson.


President welcomes Clinton to the council.

LCA 2012 wrap up
Some account reconciling still needs to be done, otherwise all going well.
Debrief on 24 March 2012.

LCA 2013 update
Ghosts after Face2Face. Michael is going to check dates. May 5/6?

Face 2 Face
The weekend of 21 & 22 April. People to book accommodation and travel.
Michael will check multi-room serviced apartments (in World Square)
James will check whether the Atlassian office is available.

Media Training
Michael has had a chat with a media training provider, who is happy to provide half-day training on a weekend. This would be Sunday afternoon after F2F.
Michael will confirm this date and check whether LCA2013 team members can attend the media training.

Drupal Down Under 2012
Waiting for videos to go up.
Peter to ask Donna for a post-conference report for linux-aus.

Progress of policy discussion on linux-aus / Code of Conduct

Update on new server hardware
Has been delivered
Booting fine now, testing kvm.
Peter to find out where these will live.

Secure Boot seems to have quietened down. Pursue?

Kylie Willison's FOSS_connect project (http://www.fossconnect.kyliesgenes.com/index.php?title=Main_Page) 
Yes, the council can help Kylie promote her initiative. The council should reboot the regional delegate programme and can put up finances for it. Michael will check whether Kylie is happy to own the RDP.

Grant request for Gold Coast tech space from Steve Dalton. 
The council isn't convinced there's enough of a connection between what LA does, wants to do and what the hackerspace does. It doesn't seem appropriate for Linux Australia to take up a founding membership. Will ask Steve to come back with a different proposal, more in line with what we envisage the grants scheme is for, such as a benefits to Linux Australia.

Grant request from Paul Wayper for video gear. 
Council has discussed the request, but the required time has not yet elapsed. Will defer a decision to the next teleconf, to allow more discussion on the list.

LCA docs & stats

Deploy archived Zookeeprs and make accessible for data mining
Network documentation
Peter and Michael to organise wiki access for the LCA2013 team members.
OpenWRT and tftp config source repository
John to follow up with Steve.
LOGIN - Newcastle LUG applied to become a subcomittee
Motion: To nominate Gabriel as the head of the Newcastle LUG subcommittee.
Proposed: John Ferlito.
Seconded: Bianca Gibson.
The motion is carried unanimously.

SLUG mailing list & django app
Yes. Peter to contact Tim and refer him to admin team for both requests.

SAGE-AU email.
John to respond.

General Business

We have our very own bank manager.

Josh needs to be authorised so he can organise extra merchant accounts.
Will fill out forms and email them to Peter, who will fill them out and mail them to John.

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