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Sorry for the delay in getting back to this, life has been more than usually

On 02/15/2012 03:47 PM, Ryan Verner wrote:
> The LCA AV solution was designed over a lot of testing at various events and it's a "best scenario" mix of known conference constraints, budget, volunteer (i.e. limited experience) labor, scalability, final outcome and setup overhead.
> It takes around an hour for somebody experienced to setup the LCA AV loop for a room, assuming that all gear is well labeled and inventoried.  It will take longer for those learning the ropes.
> This is why Tim developed his portable solution; the video/audio output is likely lower but it's again a "best scenario" result of what LUG's will likely do regularly.  His solution, I believe, will still result in static recordings being posted for later on-demand viewing (Tim, correct me if I'm wrong).

I guess my thinking is that I want to combine the two: use good quality gear,
and also have something that's relatively easy to set up and pack up.  I agree
that some of Tim's compromises make sense, but others don't in our situation -
for example, a Next-G connection.  Having things like a good quality stand and
a good headset mic make a lot of difference to the end result - and that's
something I care about.

(Portability doesn't worry me - yet; after talking to James Bromberger from
PLUG I'm keen to see if we can have roving 'in the pub' sessions for CLUG to
maybe interest people in coming to the meetings, but whether or not those can
(or need to) be recorded is another matter.)

As far as having a computer to do the recording, I was intending to start with
my laptop and then use a spare computer I have at home.  Those things are
fungible - the things I asked for in the grant request were less so in my opinion.

> That said, I'm all for more LUG's getting their head around the LCA AV loop; the more experienced people running this, the better the results.  It just involves too much setup overhead for a short meetings IMHO and it likely results in purchased kit being neglected after a few months unless you have somebody ridiculously dedicated.

I agree that keeping set-up and pack-up time down is important - I think that
can be done.

As has been pointed out, the LCA kit is mostly hired and is not available to
LUG organisers on an ad-hoc basis.

Hope this helps,

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