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Update (now with dates):
Applications due Jan 1
Recipients announced Jan 14.

On 18 December 2012 13:07, Bianca Gibson <bianca.rachel.gibson at gmail.com>wrote:

> Linux Australia is restarting the Regional Delegates Program from previous
> years.
> These grants aim to reduce the financial barriers to attending
> linux.conf.au 2013, by
> subsidising the registration and travel costs of contributors to the FOSS
> community who are
> students, on a low income, and others who would otherwise have difficulty
> affording the cost
> of attending the conference.
> How do I apply?
> Our priority will be to maximise the number of attendees we can assist.
> Consideration will be
> given to grant requests from outside Australia and New Zealand; however,
> due to the larger
> costs, we would have to balance each such application against the number
> of local delegates
> we could otherwise support.
> Delegates who need to be accompanied by a guardian or caregiver (e.g,
> minors or persons
> with special needs) should include these details in their grant request.
> Minors should include
> contact details for their parent or guardian and have them sign the
> application.
> Your application should:
> -Provide background information about your contribution to or involvement
> with the open source community
> - Explain what you hope to learn from the conference.
> - Show financial circumstances which would otherwise prevent you from
> attending the conference.
> - Provide details of what assistance you would require in order to attend.
> This doesn’t need to be a detailed list - “Flights to/from $HOMETOWN +
> accommodation” would be sufficient.
> - Be in OpenDocument format, plain text, HTML or PDF.
> Applicants will be selected on the following criteria:
> - Participation in FOSS projects – art, hardware, software, documentation
> - Reason for attending linux.conf.au
> - Area of study
> - Voluntary or paid work in IT
> - Future plans/projects in mind
> - Membership of FOSS related groups eg. a LUG, Linux Australia, LinuxChix,
> a
> Hackerspace, Wikipedia, OWOOT etc.
> Email your application to RDP at lca2013.linux.org.au.
> Cheers,
> RDP team
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