[Linux-aus] Access to membership list?

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Mon Dec 17 18:37:37 EST 2012

removed council@ from CC as it would likely bounce, but...

On Mon, 2012-12-17 at 14:30 +1100, James Polley wrote:

> But back at my desktop on a bigger screen again, I notice that the
> following section is relevant too:
>         (3) The portion of the register of members comprising names of
>         members and dates on which the person became a member must be
>         open for inspection, free of charge, by any member of the
>         association within five business days of receipt of a written
>         request by the public officer or secretary of the association.
>         (4) A member of the association may obtain a copy of any part
>         of the register on payment of a fee of not more than $1 for
>         each page copied or printed, or without fee for an electronic
>         copy of the information.
> So it seems that your request for email addresses would actually be
> valid under point 7(4)
> I'm still uncomfortable with the privacy aspects of this though.

It seems section 7 needs a complete overhaul, it appears to have very
little regard for privacy.
p3 I don't think is much of an issue as there is no contact or pivate
p4 should be removed entirely, because
p5 should be implied.

p6a should be amended to remove the bit of newsletters, if I didn't ask
for it, then its a breach under the Spam Act, yes a breach because it
would be an individual member sending it, not L.A., and if it was a L.A
endorsed newsletter, then, it would be sent by official means which
would not require a member seeking access to a members database to do

I think the Federal Privacy Commissioner would have some serious
concerns about some or a lot of S7.


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