[Linux-aus] [Announce] AGM, Election, Name Change & Rusty Wrench Award

Anthony Towns aj at erisian.com.au
Thu Dec 13 21:22:20 EST 2012

On 13 December 2012 12:11, Peter Lieverdink <peter at cc.com.au> wrote:
> In this email:
> * Linux Australia Name Change Vote

> == Linux Australia Name Change Vote ==
> Because you’ve all proposed a very large amount of possible new names for Linux Australia, we need a way to shorten that list somewhat.

Hmmm. How come "opensource.org.au" wasn't an option? It was on the
wiki -- http://wiki.linux.org.au/New_Names#opensource.org.au

It's still my favourite :(

> The vote will allow you to rank all suggested names in your order of preference. You do not need to rank proposed names that you don’t want to support and you are able to vote for “Leave Linux Australia's name unchanged”, which is the final option in the list.

That's a lot of names. I thought I might share my approach to ranking
them in case that helps others.

First I copied the list into a vi, and got rid of John's email
address. Then I broke it down into four groups:

1: free software / open source names -- these are my preference, since
'free software' and 'open source' is where we come from:

Australian Open Source Council (AOSC)
Free Software Australia (FSA)
Linux and Open Source Australia (LOSA)
Free and Open Source Communities Australia (FOSCA)
Free and Open Source Communities Australia New Zealand (FOSCAN)
Free and Open Source Technologies Alliance/Australasia (FOSTA)
Open Source Australia (OSA)
Open Source Communities Australia (OSCA)
Open Source Culture APAC (OSCANZ/OSCA)

[nine names, so ranked 1-9]

2: 'open' names -- I think these are overly generic, but if 'Linux
Australia' is too specific then they're still probably better:

Australian Open Association (AOA)
Australian Open Software And Systems (AOSS)
Community Software Australia (CSA)
Libre Australia (LA)
Liberty Technology Australia (libtech)
Open Communities Australia (OCA)
Open Technologies (Australasia) Group (OTAG)
Open Technology Association Australia & New Zealand (OTANZ)
Open Technology Australia (OTA)
Open Technology Society of Australia (OTSA)
South Technology in the Public Interest (STPI)
Technology Liberty Australia (TLA)

[twelve names, so ranked 10-21]

3: current name

[rank 22]

4: names that I don't think work, mostly due to being too much of a mouthful:

Federation of Australian and New Zealand FOSS Communities (fanzfoss communities)
Australian Federation of FOSS and Open Hardware clubs Societies and
Australian and New Zealand Association of Free and Open Source
Societies (ANZA-FOSS)
Australian Association of Free and Open Source Societies (AUS-FOSS)

freetech Australia (freetech) [means nothing to me]
FOSS Events Australia (FOSSEA) [events are fine, but wouldn't cover
promoting patent/copyright reform etc]


FWIW, the top two in my first block are:

  Open Source Australia (OSA)
  Free Software Australia (FSA)

with the rest ordered mostly randomly, and the top one in my second block is:

  Libre Australia (LA)

again with the rest ordered mostly randomly.


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