[Linux-aus] LCA: stuff you liked!

David Lloyd davidlloyd at bigpond.com
Fri Aug 31 00:32:59 EST 2012

It's been a long time since I've been to an LCA - mainly due to work, money and time restrictions.


- I enjoyed the EducationaLinux MiniConference where Troy (my colleague at the time) and I did a presentation
- I enjoyed meeting people outside of South Australia
- I enjoyed the social events and it's one of the few times that I've been on a winning team in 8 ball

Please note that the last point was despite my efforts - the other person on my team was a stunningly good 8 ball player. If $diety came down and said if I lost a game of 8 ball against an imaginary person who obviously couldn't pick up the cue, I'd still somehow lose :(

I'd already agreed with Michael Davies to help with LCA2004 if Adelaide got it.


This is from a totally different perspective; I was part of the organising team and ran that year's EducationaLinux mini-conf as well.

- I organised all of the social events, all of which were successful although one we could have improved on
- I enjoyed doing this and with the help of Liz Caroll (AUUG's professional conference organiser) we had a different style of dining/social experience than the year before
- I especially enjoyed dealing with the Nigerians; honestly that was hilarious and I did get one Nigerian scammer to stand up with a plaque above his head saying he wanted to go to LCA 2004 'to prove his request is legitimate'
- Unfortunately, he said he visited an embassy that had closed the month before...oops

The social aspects were great. We planned to have an organiser "on sight" at the accommodation and because I don't drive at all, had no partner at the time and such, I got to do that. That was a lot of fun.

And ditching the ice sculpture over the bridge at the end was fantastic!


- Can someone compress the hours in the day?
- And give Australians another 1 week paid leave under the Fair Work Act?

If it came to Adelaide again, you'd probably see me there...


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