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Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 00:36:50 EST 2012

2008, Melbourne, I attended my first LCA as a student. Launched right
in by giving a talk (about Wikipedia) in the LinuxChix miniconf. If it
wasn't for that miniconf I doubt I would have attended, doubt I would
have stayed the whole week, doubt I would have come back. Not that
people weren't friendly, but geez it was intimidating. I didn't really
have a clue was a kernel was (not sure I do now, but at least I can
tell when one is being discussed, heh).
Met Mary. Wow she was cool. Is cool. :) Realised the whole thing was
being run by Donna, someone also very cool who even lived in
Melbourne. Found out/figured out there were all these cool open source
geeks in my own city.
There is a fair chance the laptop I brought to that conference was
running Windows.

2009, Hobart, I thought I would have a crack at running a miniconf.
-that moment when Rusty submits a talk to your miniconf.
-that moment when you *see* Rusty deliver said talk. (oh, and how)
Now that was a great experience. I really enjoyed collecting together
an eclectic bunch of speakers.

2010, Wellington. I loved walking through Cuba St to the conference
each day. This conference just felt so warm and friendly to me. The
cool open space thing at the accommodation, hanging out and looking at
new shiny Arduino things. Also I went to a wildlife place and got to
see an ancient type of lizard that still has a vestigial third eye on
the top of its head. You're awesome NZ.

2011, Brisbane. Walking to my accommodation before the conference
started I spotted a likely fellow attendee and we started talking.
"What do you do?" "Have you been to LCA before?" etc (feeling like an
old hand, natch). Later, realised the gravity of meeting someone who
introduces themselves "Hi, I'm Jon" and mentions they run a website
about Linux (turns out to be LWN). Kick myself but also feel happy on
balance that people at LCA are so modest, gracious and friendly. Talk
about a community that leads by example.
Everyone has lowered their expectations because of the flooding but
there is basically no discernible difference to the quality of the

2012, Bendigo. Jacob Appelbaum, Karen Sandler, BOOM.
The first AdaCamp! (not directly LCA, but related)

At some point I was invited to join the papers ctte, and that is a
really fun experience. Reading all the proposals makes you super
invested in the programme and more motivated to see the talks that you
argued should be included (and hope that you were right :)). You get a
new appreciation of just how creamy the cream of the crop is, when you
see the awesome talks that don't make the cut.

Great talks, great people, great freedom - LCA lets you pick any three.

Writing this has made me feel all warm and fuzzy. And now I can't wait
for 2013 :)


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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