[Linux-aus] Should we change? Yes. To change is to grow.

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> >
> > My own preference is an organisation's name tells you what it does (you
> > can probably guess of what I think of MBF changing their name to Bupa),
> > LA's name hasn't (ever?) reflected what it does, so a change wasn't a
> > bad thing.  However, I also thought no one outside of LA's membership
> > had dealings with it, so as a practical matter the name was not that
> > important.  It's a bit like the AFL I guess.  I don't follow the game,
> > but I do know who our local team is.  It is sort of unavoidable as the
> > local team are a very active part of the community - sponsoring school
> > coaches, sports ground equipment with their name emblazoned on it and of
> > course is on every TV, radio and newspaper on a weekly basis.  This is
> > probably a consequence of the AFL peak body doing their job well in
> > ensuring the local team has the knowledge and organisational skills
> > needed to get their name out there and well known  - but the odd thing
> > is I don't have a clue what the AFL peak body is called.
> >
> Hilariously, you *do* actually know what it's called.  It's "AFL".  In
> this case, the AFL has done a fantastic job of making themselves
> completely indistinguishable from the sport they represent (Australian
> Rules Football) to the casual observer.

the company's details (including details of the former name, Victorian
Football League)

> This is one example of a brand that changed its name -- from the
> *Victorian* Football League to the *Australian* Football League --
> which represented its changing focus throughout the 1980s.  The result
> was that more teams from outside Victoria became interested in
> participating in their organisation.
> That's the sort of recognition our organisation should have when it
> comes to Free and Open Source software issues.  It's a great example
> of a name change being used to capture mind share beyond its original
> constituency.
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