[Linux-aus] Should we change? Yes. To change is to grow.

Silvia Pfeiffer silvia at silvia-pfeiffer.de
Mon Apr 30 12:09:31 EST 2012

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 8:33 AM, Ronald Skeoch <skeoro at muli.com.au> wrote:
> On 29/04/12 05:20, Jon "maddog" Hall wrote:
> I would like to suggest an approach of having a parent organization that
> is "Free and Open Culture of Australia" or something as encompassing of
> your value statement as you can get.  This organization would lend its
> resources and "umbrella" to as many organizations as it feels fits that
> value statement.  This has been suggested before.
> Snip
> I suggest
> "Free Open Standards Community ANZ"
> I believe this is an encompassing statement of our objectives:-
> Free to use - May have patents appropriately held
>                      should have appropriate licence
> Free to enhance
> "Open Standards" are a core necessity enabling
>                      Linux
>                      Pycon
>                      Drupal
>                      Word Camp ...etc to florish
> "Community" - the major missing concept from politics today
>                       opposie to global rationalisation
> I believe our Advocacy should be to focussed on
> achieving true "unencumbered open standards "
> for all branches of community life,
> - Health records
> - Aussie hamburgers, cakes
> - Car tinkerers
> - Video Codec
> - Government to people user interface
> - Document storage etc

I like the sentiment behind it, but it seems to exclude software and
hardware - standards by itself isn't really what we are about. We
don't want to be competing with "Standards Australia" in any way shape
or form.

"Free and Open Source Software, Hardware and Communities in Australia
and New Zealand" is more what we are about, but that's really quite a
mouth full...


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