[Linux-aus] Should we change? Yes. To change is to grow.

Julien Goodwin jgoodwin at studio442.com.au
Sat Apr 28 21:29:16 EST 2012

I've kept out of this discussion so far, but thanks Donna for writing a
great post (as usual).

Personally, I've been waiting to see a name I feel we could latch on to
before totally jumping on the bandwagon, something which might go a bit
smoother if we stop arguing.

Sadly I think this may well end up like Mary's work last year where
despite much wailing none of the people making the noise made any actual
effort to offer an alternative (other then saying what's the problem),
and never voted on the amendments. Sadly I'm seeing a few of those names
pop up again in this discussion.

On 28/04/12 17:13, Donna Benjamin wrote:
> OSDC conf was originally started because they felt excluded by LCA.
> (OSDC folks - correct me please)

The history as I understand it was the original plan was for YAPC-AU
(Yet Another Perl Conference), and the local (Melbourne) Python people
were making rumblings about a Python conference, and combined with the
local PHP people they got together to run a conference larger then any
one of the groups could have done on their own.

Having been to all but the 2011 OSDC and over the years having worked
with most of the organisers I never saw any animosity, the perception I
saw was that they were different audience, in particular programmers in
Free languages that worked on non-Free (Windows really) platforms.

> OSIA was founded by some who felt linux australia was a little too
> aggressively anti-business and formed an incorporated entity to cater to
> the concerns of businesses providing open source services and solutions.

That may have been the perception of some, I think others had the view
that LA simply wasn't business focused and that a business group was a
sensible, separate thing to do.

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