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> To be fair, I don't think some are able to fully see it from Chris' point
> of view as they're blinded by their (understandable) high opinion of Linux.
>  At the risk of coming across as being patronising, I think this is a
> suitable, if somewhat contrived, analogy:
> Imagine we were having the first LCA ever.  We don't have much money, so
> we ask Linux users for donations to help get the conference off the ground.
>  Lots of people want to donate.  We realise that we need bank accounts to
> accept these, along with insurance and other things.  Luckily a company by
> the name of Microsoft have an unexpected change of heart and agree to run
> the conference for us, so we're able to piggyback off their insurance.  Now
> all we have to do is get back to all those generous Linux users and ask
> them to send their donations to us care of Microsoft.
> Now most people have many ideas (right or wrong) about Microsoft, and I'm
> sure it would take some effort to persuade the average Linux user to send
> money their way.  I'm sure many people would be wondering why Microsoft is
> running a Linux conference at all, and what their motive is.  If I am
> understanding correctly, this is the problem Chris is facing when a Linux
> organisation is running a seemingly unrelated conference (note running, not
> sponsoring.)
> Unfortunately I don't really have any idea what the solution is.  What
> would Microsoft do?  (Is it even Microsoft's problem?)

Um...my answer doesn't really fit the analogy, so I'll drop it.
Since LA is a non profit whose values statement makes it clear we should
support things such as a python conference, I think it is our problem since
it is an obstacle for a python conference that we support, and therefore we
should look into how to remove or minimise the obstacle.

> Cheers,
> Adam.

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