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>  On 25/04/12 17:37, Bianca Gibson wrote:
> We are discussing our legal name because it has at some points caused
> difficulty in fulfilling our values statement.
> Here's an example:
> As Chris has previously said, it has caused difficulty with pycon
> sponsorships.
> Our values statement says that "we aim to represent and assist the groups
> and individuals who make up the Free Software and Open Source communities
> in Australia." One of these communities is the Australian Python community.
> Since our name has damaged our ability to assist the python community, it
> has damaged our ability to fulfil our values statement. Anything that
> substantially damages our ability to fulfil our values statement is worth
> looking at.
> Hopefully that makes our reasons a bit clearer :).
> Just curious: how has the name damaged LA's ability to assist the python
> community?

I was referring to the difficulty getting sponsorships that Chris talked
about - Chris has gone in depth about the exact difficulties and their
consequences so I didn't.

Also, sorry for forgetting to change the subject to something more
appropriate and just leaving it with the digest title.

> Paul

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