[Linux-aus] Which events are LA-umbrella events? (Re: Should Linux Australia change its name?)

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Wed Apr 25 18:45:03 EST 2012

On 2012-04-25, Anthony Towns <aj at erisian.com.au>
>  - Linux Australia has, in the past, supported events other than
>  linux.conf.au in two different ways: by acting as the formal organisation
>  running the event, and by sponsoring an event run by another organisation
>  with money or other resources. I don't think there's been much problem with
>  the name for the latter -- having "linux" sponsor a "python" or "ada
>  initiative" or whatever event doesn't seem confusing; so my question is:
>  what non-Linux events have been *run* (not merely sponsored) by LA, and what
>  ones are being considered?

The events that are "run" by LA (which answer to the Council, which use an LA
bank account, which use LA insurance, which return profits to LA funds etc) are
run through the sub-committee structure, so a look at the sub-committee list


Ongoing groups:
 - SLUG (Sydney)
 - LOGIN (Newcastle)

Planned events:
 - linux.conf.au 2013
 - PyCon AU 2012
 - WordCamp Sydney 2012
 - BarCamp Melbourne 2012

Past events:
 - linux.conf.au (has this always been under the LA umbrella? since early 2000s
 - Drupal Down Under 2010 and 2011
 - WordCamp Gold Coast 2011
 - WordCamp Melbourne 2011? 2010? unsure here
 - PyCon AU 2010 and 2011
 - ???

So there's five communities here who have, in most cases repeatedly, been
LA-umbrella events rather than events where LA had equal standing with any
other sponsor:
 - Linux (LCA, the LUGs)
 - Python
 - WordPress
 - Drupal
 - "Bar" (general tech? I know what BarCamps do, I don't know if BarCamp
   Melbourne is limited to or primarily about FOSS)

I don't have a list of planned events: the Council minutes will tend to show
these as sub-committees being approved.

(As Anthony correctly notes, the Ada Initiative's AdaCamp was supported through
a grant, not through this structure. IIRC the same was true of BarCamp Geelong


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