[Linux-aus] Proposed change of name for Linux Australia

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 01:47:57 EST 2012


I don't particularly favour a name change, simply because, as others have
pointed out,
LA already supports other aspects of Open Source, and the current name
appears to be
no impediment.

But, if it is to happen, I'd be happy with aj's suggestion.
Sorry maddog, but the "large brewing company" sold off it's wine making
because money was getting a bit tight (afaik), so sponsorship might not be

On the other hand, the "brand extension" - by including a mention of FLOSS
and other
Open Source activities in conjunction with the current name - as suggested
by maddog,
might just achieve the desired "inclusiveness".

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How about "Free and Open Source Technologies Alliance" aka "FOSTA",
since the idea seems to be about "fostering"... :)

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