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Ben Martin monkeyiq at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Apr 6 21:42:40 EST 2012

Hi everybody!
  FWIW I support this request. I do tend to turn up at the techspace
from time to time. Maybe folks will think this biases me toward
supporting the request, maybe not.

  I think it is good that OLPC machines are there, as well as arduino
and other non white box stuff to offer some variety. As a software guy I
look forward to talks like the upcoming arduino RFID one at techspace.
It has been fun building some arduino stuff of my own recently.

  I would encourage techspace to perhaps consider ARM machines for some
diversity, like the upcoming cubox:  

  If we are showing folks Linux, we might as well show off the ability
to do things with <10W and open source, even if there is only one such
device there for folks to tinker with.

sync && umount evolution;

On Sat, 2012-03-31 at 15:20 +1000, Steve Dalton wrote:
> Hi All
> I just realised I had not sent the revised the grant application I
> said I would - here is the final application below.
> Regards
> Steve
> Date: 31/03/2012
> Project Name: Gold Coast TechSpace Teaching and Learning Laboratory
> Aim of Project: Promote Linux in the community on the Gold Coast by
> giving hands on instruction on the use of Linux and Open Source
> programmes.
> Person Responsible for Request: Steve Dalton
> Introduction
> We recently formed the Gold Coast TechSpace in November of 2011 - a
> collaborative space based on the Hackerspace Model with the aim to
> provide a space for like-minded individuals to get together to share
> ideas and learn from one another. The project is going well with us
> having a large unit in Southport to call home for our projects.
> Having incorporated as an Association with an active committee we have
> seen our small membership base steadily grow.
> Our setup is slightly different to other Hackerspaces; only half our
> time, effort and space is dedicated to typical Hackerspace projects -
> electronics, 3D printing etc. The other half is focused around a
> learning lab where we can educate members and the public on how to
> accomplish everyday tasks with Open Source technology. We are also
> hoping to provide some focus on the business side of Linux and Open
> Source as there is a huge gap in the local Gold Coast market, with a
> lot of businesses defaulting to Windows and .net for development as
> they are just not aware of the alternatives.
> We regularly host the Open Source Gold Coast group (formally the Gold
> Coast Linux Users Group) at the Gold Coast TechSpace building as well
> as regular Bar Camps with members coming from as far as the New South
> Wales border and Brisbane.  We encourage the public to attend any of
> our regular scheduled meet-ups so they can come in and meet us all and
> see how using Open Source can be a great way to achieve all those “If
> only there was a way to do this” problems we all encounter in our
> lives.
> Some of the recent meetings we have held are:
> - Installing Ubuntu on a laptop to use as a digital oscilloscope.
> - Replacing Windows Server with Linux using Zentyal, Zarafa, SME
> Server or Zimbra
> - Zoneminder on an OLPC using the internal webcam for security
> monitoring.
> - Teaching event - Linux based CAD and 3D modelling using Ubuntu,
> FreeCAD and Blender
> vSlic3r, Printrun and other 3D printing software for RepRap running on
> Linux
> - Reprap and maker bot construction days.
> vEnterprise Linux Session - Linux Terminal Server Project & Kickstart
> Linux Installs
> We hope to eventually make the space available to other Open Source
> user groups that are based on the Gold Coast such as the Wordpess Gold
> Coast, Drupal Gold Coast as well as technology innovation groups like
> Silicon Beach Gold Coast which don’t have permanent place to hold
> their regular meet-ups let alone one that can be equipped to their
> needs.
> Request
> Amount asked for: $2000
> We are seeking a grant because our teaching and learning laboratory
> only has one computer.  We need to buy as many decently equipped
> computers as we can to fill our teaching and learning laboratory as
> our lack of computers is hampering our ability to teach, learn and
> spread the use of Open Source technologies amongst our members and the
> wider community.
> Conclusion
> A lot of people in Australia think of the Gold Coast as all about
> Tourism and property development, and this is partially true, our
> economy like our geography is very narrow.  However, there is also a
> thriving technology community just desperate to break out and we have
> setup the Gold Coast TechSpace as a hub for this.
> At present, we have a chicken-and-egg problem. Without adequate
> facilities, we won’t get more paying members and without more paying
> members, we cannot buy the equipment we need to attract members and
> demonstrate what can be achieved in a collaborative Open Source world.
> This is why we are requesting Linux Australia for some financial
> assistance to kickstart our teaching and learning laboratory so that
> we can promote Linux and Open Source software in the Gold Coast
> community and beyond.
> If you have any further questions - feel free to email me back. I can
> also be contacted on the mobile on 0414 464564


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