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Hi John,

Try MSY http://msy.com.au/ for low priced hardware. They are retailers
but we found they usually had prices lower than our wholesalers. I
don't think they do Linux installs as standard but I'm sure if you
were ordering enough systems that you could work out a deal for them
to do the base install for a small fee.

For the thin clients talk to ThinLinX http://www.thinlinx.com/


On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 12:22 AM, john_cullen <john_cullen at purencool.com> wrote:
> Hi linux lovers
> I am sorry if this questions is in the wrong forum. But someone will
> have to know. I am set-up an Ubuntu network for an organisation. In
> affect these networks will be mini kiosks that have a server off site
> that will deploy updates and the kiosk is going to have an internal web
> application based  inside the kiosk and the data will be sent back to
> head office server via the net.
> What I need is a hardware provider that can have Ubuntu OS pre-installed
> so that all I have to do is configure them into the network. I don't
> need hardware with windows licensing  attached the box.
> We are based in  Melbourne and the amount of machines will be purely
> dictated by the amount of
> kiosks that get placed into industry.  Each kiosk will have a least of
> four machines.
> The specks on the machines are
> Two thin clients that have the ability to have an rf bar code reader
> attached
> On Machine that can act as an server and be an pos machine (It will have
> the til and credit card details)
> All hardware must have the ability to use a touch screen.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry again if this is in the
> wrong forum.
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