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Sarah Stokely sarah at foxforcefive.com
Tue Sep 6 15:44:55 EST 2011

Hi folks,
Don't believe I've seen this on the list yet.
Dr Terry Cutler (I believe SA state CIO or former CIO) and Senator Kate
Lundy (Pia Waugh's boss) :) are launching the Open Technology Foundation in
Canberra on the 14th September.
(There is a PDF Invitation to the launch included in that article).
The OTF is separate to AGIMO (
for reasons that aren't clear to me, but will work towards spreading open
source tech within Australian government.

Open Source & government minded folks might be interested in joining the
Foundation, or attending the launch.

I happen to work in the same building as Stephen Schmid, who is the OFT GM,
so will be chatting with him as things progress. I'm personally hoping that
we can get citizens a bit more on the agenda. They mentioned
"citizen-centric" services in the announcement, but it looks squarely about
helping government talk to itself about using open source, which is less
interesting to me personally. :)


Sarah Stokely
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