[Linux-aus] The death of a great man

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at lemis.com
Tue Oct 18 15:48:21 EST 2011

On Monday, 17 October 2011 at 20:32:37 +1100, Brenda Aynsley wrote:
> On 10/17/2011 06:51 PM, David Lloyd wrote:
>> Hi Bret,
>> On 17/10/2011, at 3:09 PM, Bret Busby wrote:
>>> http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/business-of-it/2011/10/13/dennis-ritchie-father-of-unix-and-c-dies-40094176/
>>> As a day named "The Ada Lovelace Day", exists, perhaps, a "Dennis
>>> Ritchie Day", to commemorate him and his work, on 09 September, each
>>> year, could be started?
>> A good idea but we'd need to be careful not to look like we're
>> usurping that other 09 September remembrances going on :)
> you mean 9/11 not 9/9 dont you david?  that's if you speak american of
> course.

Clearly he was thinking partially in octal out of sympathy with dmr.

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