[Linux-aus] Very Off Topic: Dog going back to its own vomit Was Re: Linux Australia Code of Conduct

elliott-brennan elliottbrennan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 13:08:07 EST 2011

I thought I'd radically retitle the e-mail so 
those who are not interested can merely ignore the 

Again, this bit cites Humphrey McQueen 'A New 
Britannia', "...like a dog going back to its own 

As this is merely to express an opinion in 
relation to the erotic/sexual discussion, please 
don't read on if you're not interested.

 From what I've read on the mailing list, there 
was previous  discussion about the imagery used in 
the Keynote last year.

I'm only referencing Rob Thomas
<xrobau at gmail.com>
Date:Mon, 28 Nov 2011 18:54:18 +1000
(and this is not a criticism of Rob by any 
stretch) in which he states: "Almost everyone 
agrees that the photo (if it's the one I'm 
thinking of, with the two girls) was eroticism. 
Few agree it was sexual. Therefore, the riot on 

If true I find this amazing.

After 25+ years in child protection, various 
courts and working as sexual assault counsellor 
and having completed an MA (Hons) (by research) 
focusing on abuse of children (including sexual 
abuse), I'm unaware of any research lit that shows 
that those items which are considered erotic are 
NOT sexually-laden.

The definition of 'the erotic' is the intent or 
purpose to arouse sexually. Thus what is erotic is 
sexual in nature.

This does not mean that person wish to engage in 
sexual activity. This is a frequent issue within 
discussions on the homoerotic elements of 
heterosexual men's activities. However, it is 
sexual in nature.

More specifically, much of the debate (legally and 
academically) about pornography is permeated with 
attempts to distinguish between the erotic and the 
pornographic. Both are sexually laden but argued 
to be different.

Hence my amazement that it appear 'most people' 
came to a conclusion that an image was erotic but 
not sexual.

Now back to working out whether Klingons would 
beat Borg in a straight out biffo and how zombies 
would impact on The Collective if let loose in a 
Borg cube




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