[Linux-aus] My wish....

Tom Eastman tom at eastman.net.nz
Tue Nov 29 07:37:12 EST 2011

I'm not sure that it was appropriate for the topic of conversation to
drift back to Mark Pesce's talk, since that's really only one small part
of what this is all about, but it gives me an opportunity to say
something I've wanted to say since February. The thing that, at this
point, I regret more than anything else.

If it weren't for the controversy over his choice of slides, we could
maybe have spent some of this massive expenditure of intellectual and
emotional energy poking at the (not inconsiderable) holes in his actual

That would have been a far more stimulating and productive discussion.
But it never took place because of, well, "all this".

That, to me, is the biggest loss born of this entire controversy, and
the strongest reason why the CoC should be well understood by all: so we
can all learn from each other without being sidetracked.

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