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On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 9:26 PM, Noel Butler <noel.butler at ausics.net> wrote:

> **
> Indeed, in fact the blip.tv adds on the right hand side were far more
> erotic than what was contained in this presentation girl/girl action,
> keenans crush and so on, is LA is so taken by these, why does linuxconf
> host cpontent there with this material displayed.
> I suggest rather than this lists membership all being 'wannabe internet
> laywers` the executive actually consult a real lawyer, if you want to be
> nit picky, the wording can make all the difference in the legal world, one
> word can mean someone taking you to court
> and winning for being kicked out, or not.
> Lastly, seriously people, if people here found that presentation
> offensive, they have been molly cobbled too long, and need to get out more,
> there is far, FAR worse on nightly free-to-air TV. Why is it that so,
> because it does not breach the guidelines set under the Broadcast Services
> Act. This also goes for the language, same is on nightly TV.
> Just ran through the video from front to back and... +20 to your comments!
Must say that I am angry at myself for not watching this sooner.

I deplore bullying, harassment , offence to others and everything else
associated with such.....if someone saw these traits in that presentation
then frankly, you really do need to get out more and widen your horizons.
The world will not stop changing just for you.

That presentation was about threats to freedom through privacy
invasion....and a persons idea for one way out.
Get a clue...freedom some times HURTS!...we all need to deal with it if it
is to be preserved!

If Linux Australia want a G rated conference then I don;t really understand
how a bloated code of conduct is going to do to fix this.

Why not this:

Code of conduct:
Linux.conf.au presentations must adhere to the Australian censorship laws
for a G rating.

End of story, end of wanky, self-opinionated and bloated diatribe from both
sides of the divide!
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