[Linux-aus] Grant request: AdaCamp sponsorship

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Mon Nov 21 15:38:06 EST 2011

Hi Mary,

I'm pleased to let you know that your request has been accepted and that Linux Australia will support AdaCamp Melbourne with a $1,000 grant.

- Peter.

----- Original Message -----
> Hi Linux Australia,
> This is a grant request per http://www.linux.org.au/projects/grants
> I would like to apply for a Linux Australia grant on behalf of the Ada
> Initiative in order to partially cover costs for our event AdaCamp,
> planned for January 14 in Melbourne just before LCA. I request a grant
> to support AdaCamp at either the $500 or $1000 level as outlined in
> the attached sponsorship prospectus.
> AdaCamp is a one-day summit/unconference about increasing women’s
> participation in open technology and culture with a regional focus on
> Australia. AdaCamp will bring women together
> to build community, discuss issues women have in common across open
> technology and culture fields, and find ways to address them. In
> particular, we hope to find out what common
> responses and resources are needed and how the Ada Initiative can
> contribute to them.
> (If any women reading are interested in *attending* AdaCamp, please
> see
> http://adainitiative.org/2011/10/ada-initiative-to-hold-first-adacamp-in-melbourne-australia/
> ).
> In terms of grant conditions:
> Be for the good of a project that relates to Linux or Open Source:
> this project is intended to build community among and resources for
> women in open technology and culture, which benefits Open Source and
> similar communities.
> Have some tangible result: the event being run is clearly a tangible
> result. In addition, we will report on the outcomes of the camp both
> on our blog and at the Haecksen miniconf a couple of days later.
> Be submitted to linux-aus at linux.org.au: this mail fulfills this
> condition.
> Must have specified milestones, and attempt to meet them: the major
> milestone is the holding of the event. An earlier milestones is:
> completing bookings and opening registrations, end of November.
> Have open documentation procedures if possible: resources developed as
> a result of the event will be Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike
> Must credit LA with sponsorship on their website, with an appropriate
> link: as per the attached prospectus LA will receive at least this
> level of recognition.
> -Mary

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