[Linux-aus] Miniconfs reach for a star - you!

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Tue Nov 15 13:04:42 EST 2011

 From the press release at: http://linux.conf.au/media/news/70

BALLARAT, 15 November 2011

The Miniconf organisers have been working hard to put together a stellar 
array of talks for the first day of linux.conf.au. A limited number of 
Miniconfs still have some open presentation spots - your chance to shine!

      Open programming

  * *CfP:* http://tinyurl.com/opm2012-proposal
  * *Tentative schedule:*

Open programming Miniconf organiser Christopher Neugebauer was 
enthusiastic with submissions so far.

/"We've had an excellent response to the Open Programming Miniconf CfP 
so far, including an encouraging range of talks catering to the growing 
community of web developers. That said, we're still looking to fill some 
more spaces with great talks for linux.conf.au's developer community."/

Christopher indicated that while he'd warmly welcome talks on Python, 
Perl and C in particular, he was also eager to entertain submissions on 
lesser known languages.

/"If it's for developers we'd love to see it!"/

      Business of Open Source

  * *CfP:*
  * *Contact:*Martin Michlmayr tbm at hp dot com

Business of Open Source Miniconf organiser Martin Michlmayer was equally 

/"We're still warmly welcoming proposals around open source business 
topics, including building a community, commercial acquisition of open 
source projects, funding and venture capital, business strategies behind 
open source and open source governance and licensing."/

      Multimedia and music

  * *CfP:*http://www.annodex.org/events/lca2012_mmm/pmwiki.php/Main/CallForPapers
  * *Tentative schedule:
  * *Contact: *Jonathan Woithe (jwoithe at atrad dot com dot au), Silvia
    Pfeiffer (silviapfeiffer1 at gmail dot com), Roderick Dolman
    (roderick.dornan at gmail dot com)

Jonathan Woithe, Multimedia and Music Miniconf organiser, was also 
impressed by submissions to date.

/"Proposals have covered the many varied aspects of music and multimedia 
creation under Linux. What's more, we've seen a mix of submissions from 
both established speakers and those new to linux.conf.au - all of which 
have been of extremely high quality! The talks are definitely shaping up 
to be both informative and entertaining." /

Jonathan too noted that there are a small number of presentation slots 
still open, with further submissions warmly welcomed.

/"Presentations can be related to any aspect related to multimedia and 
music under Linux. Production, playback, composition: you name it and 
we'll welcome it!"/

      Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS)

  * *CfP:*http://hfoss-miniconf.info/
  * *Contact: *Tim McNamara (@TimClicks, hfoss-miniconf at timmcnamara
    dot co dot nz

Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Miniconf organiser Tim 
McNamara echoed the thoughts of others, welcoming submissions around 
topics such as software that allows management of and recovery from 
disasters, emergency devops in disaster conditions, and privacy and 
authorisation issues under emergency conditions


The full list of accepted Miniconfs can be found at 
http://linux.conf.au/programme/miniconfs. Please note that Miniconf-only 
tickets are not available this year - we strongly encourage Miniconf 
submissions from conference attendees and/or main conference Speakers.

linux.conf.au will be held 16th-20th January 2012 in Ballarat, Victoria, 
Australia. http://lcaunderthestars.org.au and @linuxconfau on Twitter 
and Identica. Registrations 
<http://linux.conf.au/media/news/linux.conf.au/register/prices> are now 

Media enquiries are warmly welcomed to media at lcaunderthestars.org.au

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