[Linux-aus] Minutes of LA Council teleconf - Thursday July 28

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 11:15:44 EST 2011

Thursday 28 July 2011 - 8PM EST (7:30PM SA)

Present: John, Alice, Kelly, Josh, Mike, Mary
Apologies: Pete

Meeting open 8:05

LCA 2012 update
CFP closes tomorrow. More papers would be good.

LCA bid process
Council to book weekends to meet with bid crews.

Budget progress for new financial year (provisionally starting 1 October)
Work in progress.

Drupal Down Under 2012
Work in progress.

Progress of policy discussion on linux-aus
Under consideration.

To be decided.

Media team:
Work in progress.

Advocacy team?
The website refers to one. There is one interested community member.
Is this the same as the media team, or could they be combined?
We have a volunteer for the advocacy team and we will encourage her to
express her interests and become involved.

SGM planning
Alice investigating venue.

Treasurer's report
Josh is drafting. Audit is very close to ready for presentation.

Constitutional amendments
John will work on an SGM announcement.

Moving to Mediawiki
In progress

Non-Paypal payment gateways
PyCon registration had to close for two days due to Paypal verifying
our Not For Profit status for the millionth time. Looking into
alternative providers to get multiple merchant accounts.

Mary's resignation
In effect tomorrow (29th).
The Council moves a motion of thanks for Mary's contribution to LA.
Seconded, thirded and fourthed.
Council will explore possible people to appoint to Mary's OCM role.

Code of Conduct
Council is examining a COC for LCA and will communicate something soon.

Pycon update, on track and looking good.

Meeting closed at..... 8:49pm

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