[Linux-aus] Affiliates no longer welcome

Paul Gear paul at libertysys.com.au
Tue Jul 26 03:02:48 EST 2011

On 25/07/11 12:51, David Lloyd wrote:
> The new constitution sucks.
> We need to change the name from Linux Australia to "Let's Argue About Constitutions Incorporated".
> Whilst we're at it:
> 1. The leader, currently the president, should be termed "Der Fuhrer" or "Die Fuhrerin" depending on what gender the person in the position identifies him or herself; and
> ...

Dude. Not cool. Being the first to invoke Goodwin's Law is not a badge
of honour.

In all of this discussion, David has been clear, reasonable, and
respectful of others.  He is not trolling; he is raising reasonable

What seems to have happened is that because a few people have put a lot
of effort into changing the constitution, it is somehow considered rude
or time-wasting to question the motivation behind it and the
effectiveness of the process in achieving the declared goal.  I for one
do not consider it so: it is simply asking good questions (that no one
has adequately answered as yet).

I don't have any particular interest in the constitution one way or the
other, but i think we as a community should at the very least give David
some basic courtesy, and approach his objections without being
dismissive or condescending.  Brenda is the only one who seems to have
done this so far.


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