[Linux-aus] Additional Linux User Group

elliott-brennan elliottbrennan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 08:02:18 EST 2011

> Re: [Linux-aus] Additional Linux User Group (
> Paul Gear <paul at gear.dyndns.org>
> Tue, 05 Jul 2011 13:50:05 +1000
> On 02/07/11 16:04, elliott-brennan wrote:
>>     ...
>>     Also the UNSW computer society seems to be
>>     only for UNSW students, so having
>>     them in the list when most people who read
>>     that list are not permitted to
>>     attend seems like a bad idea.  I'm sure that
>>     UNSW students don't typically
>>     check external web sites when trying to
>>     discover campus resources.
>>     ...
Paul wrote:
> Not that i disagree with the overall conclusion,
> but i think there's a faulty assumption there.
>   Many sites have such bad navigation and internal
> search engines that it's actually more efficient
> to search Google than it is to use their site -
> hp.com and most of .qld.gov.au are cases in point.
> Paul

Hi Paul, not that I disagree with your comment - I 
used to work somewhere just like that - but I 
didn't write the comment you attribute to me.

It was Russell :)



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