[Linux-aus] Annual General Meeting 2011 Minutes

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Fri Jan 28 08:40:43 EST 2011

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011, Kylie Willison wrote:
> Wondering what the decisions were relating to several of the items 
> raised under general business at the AGM.

Based on my recollections.

> > Mikal Stil asks whether the other LA event subcommittees have video that
> > can be mirrored and whether LA has plans to replace ageing hardware.
> What was the outcome of this suggestion?

Event subcommittees suggestion: the suggestion I think (let me know if I am
wrong Mikal!) was more to encourage it in future; that events such as WordCamp
and PyCon should be encouraged to provide their videos to the LA mirror if they
have them. There was general agreement.

Plans to replace active hardware: there was a statement that yes, LA has such a
plan underway. (Separately Steve Walsh mentioned to me at LCA as well, in a
timeframe of a few months. Anyone got details?)

> > Pia Waugh suggests subcommittees provide reports of their activities.
> Will reports be provided to the next AGM by subcommittees?

Josh Hesketh stated that the subcommittee policy that he is drafting (or has
finalised?) will require periodic reports from all subcommittees. The period of
these reports will vary depending on activity in that subcommittee (so LCA
might report fortnightly, the mirror subcommittee might report once or twice a

> > Jamez Polley suggests it might be a legal requirement to approve audited
> > financials at the AGM.
> What was the outcome of this?

Linux Australia will actively look into this, John Ferlito and Josh Hesketh
were aware of the new legislation too. There is a timing problem with LA's
financial year ending on December 31, that requires that the audit be completed
quite swiftly in order to present the audit at linux.conf.au in late January.
One potential solution briefly mentioned was perhaps to have a Special General
Meeting at linux.conf.au and an AGM at some other time in order to fufil this

This sounded far from finalised, they mentioned seeking advice from NSW Fair
Trading (?).

> > Alistair ?? runs a LUG and asks whether there are plans for the council to
> > coordinate eg a national SFD effort.
> Are there plans for the council to coordinate a SFD effort?

I do not recall the answer to this. It *might* have been that while such a
thing could be of interest to LA, it would require a volunteer.

> > James Iseppi wonders whether LA should make use of cloud and related
> > infrastructure rather than owning physical hardware.
> What was the outcome of this suggestion?

I do not recall the answer to this. Anyone else?


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