[Linux-aus] Annual General Meeting 2011 Minutes

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Thu Jan 27 10:11:56 EST 2011

These minutes are also available at http://linux.org.au/meeting/2011-01-26

Public officer: Mr Terry Dawson.
Returning officer: Mr Stewart Smith.

Public Officer declares meeting open at 17:46.

Attendance list is circulated.

President welcomes attendees and is awed by attendance, which is higher than ever!

Motion to accept previous minutes: Carried unanimously.

Mr John Ferlito presented the presidents report.
Mr Joshua Hesketh presented the treasurers report and interim financial report. A special general meeting will be called to approve the financial reports once they have been finalised.

Motion to accept presidents report: Carried unanimously. 

Motion to endorse committee activities: Carried unanimously.

Returning officer announces the election results.

Pres: Mr John Ferlito
Veep: Ms Alice Boxhall
Secr: Mr Peter Lieverdink
Tres: Mr Joshua Hesketh
OCM: Ms Mary Gardiner
OCM: Ms Kelly Yeoh
OCM: Mr Michael Carden

General Business

The president thanks Ms Elspeth Thorne for her work on the council over the past year.

Mikal Stil asks whether the other LA event subcommittees have video that can be mirrored and whether LA has plans to replace ageing hardware.

Pia Waugh suggests subcommittees provide reports of their activities.

Julian Goodwin suggests LA process and infrastructure is provided to subcommittees to lighten workload and wheel reinvention.

Joshua Hesketh points out there is a new policy for subcommittees and teams.

James Iseppi notes that the equipment purchased specifcally for LCA2011 will be shared with future subcommittees.

There is a question from the floor about the tight time frame between the end of the financial year and the AGM and providing sensible financial reporting to the membership.

Jamez Polley suggests it might be a legal requirement to approve audited financials at the AGM.

Alistair ?? runs a LUG and asks whether there are plans for the council to coordinate eg a national SFD effort.

Mikal Stil asks whether LA should invest in some form of asset tracking. Julien Goodwin adds that a wiki page will probably suffice.

James Iseppi has been volunteers to inventory equipment post-LCA2011.

There is a question from the floor about IPv6 connectivity for LA services.

James Iseppi wonders whether LA should make use of cloud and related infrastructure rather than owning physical hardware.

The public officer closes the meeting at 18:40

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