[Linux-aus] Australian Government Desktop Standard mandates OOXML due to lack of input to the contrary

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Fri Jan 21 08:03:20 EST 2011

For those in government the senior officer John Sheridan in charge of the 
common operating policy was blogging about the lack of input.


It was also clear from a talk in December 2010 that there was an intent for 
multi vendor support.

The final product came up short of this.

As people inside government have mentioned so far, the ability of government 
departments to get a message of consultation from AGIMO was rather limited. 
While AGIMO are fairly new in the blog space I suspect they are assuming a 
greater level of coverage that was is being acheived. It seemed by their 
response that this policy was consent by lack of input.

So for all that saw the original request and didn't provide input - you had a 
chance to represent and advice all of us of it.

For everyone, especially those in government, at least one department is doing 
a response so how about you do one too. Changing policies after a final report 
requires more that one objection. So do a polite formal response NOW 
(coe at finance.gov.au)!



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