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Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Wed Jan 12 15:06:50 EST 2011

On Wed, 2011-01-12 at 13:09 +1000, Russell Stuart wrote:

>   All public transport bar ferries
> was running normally, and yes that does include the airport.  (Ferries
> stop when there likelihood of debris in the river.)  The downpour that
> caused the flood has now ceased, leaving a few scattered showers in its
> wake.


Buses are winding down now, buses will likely not run again after this
afternoon until it is safe.
Trains are operating modified time tables, but with the exception of
South Brisbane station, is at this point in time, unaffected.
SB Station is closed and evacuated.

up to date from @QPSmedia on twitter, or their facebook page

> That sounds like good news, but it isn't over yet.   Flood waters in the
> hinterlands are now moving towards Brisbane.  The Bureau of Meteorology
> [2] forecasts today will peak 1.5 meters higher over what we saw
> yesterday.  From our tour we think this again will leave the city,
> public transport and all venues unaffected. [3]

wrong, this I mentioned above has been advertised on all radio since
before 9am today, did you type this last night?

> Tomorrow (Thursday), they expect the flood waters to rise again, peaking

wrong, they wont be falling until possibly late Friday or Saturday, in
some areas it could be a further 10 days.



> At its peak the water will also enter a few city streets.  This will not

 nowhere near the peek and already many many many  including main inner
city streets all closed

Info from QPS:

 Inner City Bypass is now closed in both directions due to flooding. 

Eagle Street to the Storey Bridge in Brisbane is now closed

Water is now on the road at Albert Street and Alice Street in Brisbane
CBD.   (so wont be long before its closed)

The Goodwill Bridge has been closed due to debris build up 

plus the usual suspects that go under

more @ http://highload.131940.qld.gov.au/#metropolitan

at 1030am this morning QFRS advised all of its units to stop, and
inspect any and all bridges before they crossed it due to debris build
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