[Linux-aus] The Ada Initiative - Should Linux Australia support it?

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sat Feb 26 21:23:04 EST 2011

On Sat, 26 Feb 2011, david at davidnewall.com wrote:
> Point of interest, Russell.  What misogynism have you personally witnessed
> in the industry; or does my first point also describe you?

Mostly it's sexist "jokes", the exclusion of women from social functions 
related to work, looking up women's dresses at a work function, the OSDC 
lightning talk about using "objects" to represent Playboy models (*), 
deliberately showing hard-core porn to women to harass them, and lots of other 
similar things.

But also when we have discussions about such things there are always men who 
belittle women, claim that they haven't experienced bad things, claim to have 
never seen anything bad, etc.

Also note that even in situations where I haven't seen evidence of 
discrimination against minority groups I won't claim that it doesn't exist, 
and I certainly won't argue against members of a minority group who claim to 
have experienced it.  Members of the groups in question will notice things 
that I won't notice, even when I'm trying to notice them.  An example of this 
was when the term "Sambo" was used in the comments section of my blog, it 
didn't even register with me but the guy who was addressed as "Sambo" didn't 
like it at all.

(*) I didn't attend LCA this year - there are also lots of other presentations 
of a similar nature but OSDC was the only one I personally witnessed.

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