[Linux-aus] Financial reporting

Peter Lieverdink peter at cc.com.au
Fri Feb 25 17:55:19 EST 2011

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> I can't resist adding that while I am more than happy with how this
> donation thing has been handled, I was very disappointed last years LA
> committee repeated the crime

Thinking literally for a moment, for a crime to have been committed, a law needs to have been broken.

> committed in some previous years of not
> presenting a set of financial figures at the AGM.

Joshua did in fact present a treasurers report at the AGM. If you were unhappy with that, you should have spoken up. I counted zero "no" votes on the motion to accept that report.

> It is a piss poor effort. 

It's the reality of timing and a volunteer organisation.

> LA is the only organisation I have ever been associated with
> that seeming can't manage its own finances well enough to present a
> report at the appointed time.

The reason LA doesn't generally present a neat and tidy end-of-year financial report at the AGM, is that the AGM is *always* in the middle of the one event that causes a lot of changes to the various bank accounts.

This is why LA will hold a Special General Meeting when the finances are ready. In advance of the SGM you will be able to study the financial figures to your heart's content.

- Peter.

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