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Jon Jermey jonjermey at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 10:54:03 EST 2011

So you HAVE evidence. Fine. If the committee are worth their salt they 
will ask for the same level of evidence for this grant application as 
they would for any other, and if the applicants are worth their salt 
they will have anticipated this and will have the evidence ready. But 
the feeling expressed in some comments here seemed to be motivated more 
by a desire to assuage real or imagined guilt than to ensure a 
cost-efficient grant process.

If I were on the committee I would be asking questions like "How many 
additional Australian women do you expect to be working in ICT in five 
years time as a result of this grant? Why? How will you test this 
prediction when the time comes?" Not because I would expect precise 
answers, but to try and ensure that some thought has been given to 
verification. If the applicants are social scientists, rather than just 
social activists, they will be just as interested in those questions and 
their answers as the committee should be.


On 25/02/11 08:39, Elspeth Thorne wrote:
> On the other hand, perhaps the abuse, harassment, discouragement and
> difficulty I encountered - explicitly and openly based on my gender -
> is not unique, and is, in fact, quite common if you happen to present
> as female.
> Perhaps my experience is unique. I rather doubt that, however.

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