[Linux-aus] Designated Photography Space at LCA?

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 13:08:39 EST 2011


In view of the heat in the discussion, why not plan a designated space or
place set aside for those
who wish to photograph people at the conference, and those who don't mind
being photographed.

This could be as simple as "Photography only in Room 5" or "Photography only
outside in the Garden",
or indeed "Official Photo Wall - Point your Camera this way at all times

That gives reluctant photographees the opportunity to move away and not be
and photographers need only ask if someone appears to be "backing into" the
space unconsciously. After all, the back half of most people will only spoil
a photo :-)

Don Knowles, Rockhampton, Australia
a Founding Member of Central Queensland Linux User Group
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