[Linux-aus] Some Anti-Harassment Policies considered harmful

Anestis Kozakis kenosti at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 21:09:44 EST 2011

If I may put in my two cents with the following idea (which can be modified):

Why not, on the registration page, have the following question:
"Would you mind being photographed during the convention? Yes/No"

Anyone who answers no has an icon of a camera with a red circle and a
line through it on their badge.

Conference policy, and part of the agreement that everyone signs for
attending the conference, should include a clause that they will not
take photographs of anyone with such an icon on their badge.  This
would cover mobile phones with cameras.

If someone violates policy, the organisers have the right to demand
the photo be removed.  If the photographer doesn't agree, the
camera/device is confiscated by the organisers (with the assistance of
the security guards), the photograph deleted, and the photographer
banned from the next three conferences hosted/sponsored by Linux
Australia.  The photographer has no avenue to sue as he/she signed the

Draconian? Yes. Will it get the point across? Yes.

Again, just an idea open to modification.


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