[Linux-aus] Fixing the linux.conf.au 2001 archive

Peter Lieverdink peter at cc.com.au
Mon Feb 14 13:24:53 EST 2011

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> I have only just discovered that my emails to web-team have been
> falling into moderation limbo.
> So I'll offer this to the committee and/or web team here. :-)

Not really, I let them through but haven't really had time to have a look at the archive. I was hoping one of the other web team members might ;-)

> - Jeff
> On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 13:58, Jeff Waugh < jdub at bethesignal.org >
> wrote:
> Howdy,
> Join pointed me in the direction of this list.
> After attempting to refer to the linux.conf.au 2001 schedule today, I
> was reminded that after one of the website reorgs, most of the lca2001
> archive was broken.
> Looks like it's all still there, but b0rked (from memory, it's just a
> bunch of dumb, hard-coded, header/footer includes).

I re-enabled the .htaccess file and updated the include_path, so it mostly works again now.

> Can I fix it (plus add missing news column bits from wayback machine
> [1]), and perhaps make it the first archived site to shift to
> YEAR.linux.conf.au ? :-)

Sure, I can give you access so you can twiddle it. Send me an ssh key. The $year.linux.conf.au bit needs a DNS record and Apache vhost update, which I'll have time for later in the week. Perhaps after I do 2008? ;-)

- P.

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