[Linux-aus] Admin certificate help!

Robert Wolfe rwolfe at fpsoft.net
Sat Dec 31 00:12:04 EST 2011

On 12/30/2011 5:16 AM, jeet7668 . wrote:
> Hello Mr. White,
> Hope you are fine. I am trying to resolve your queries (may be not the 
> perfect answers):
> 1=> No, you are not that old. I have seen many people starting career 
> in Linux ( or IT) even at this age.
> 2=> Going for RHCE will be better than LPIC as RHCE is in great demand.
> 3=> After Mastering Bash ( at least till intermediate level) and then 
> you can start with any of Perl (Mostly used by Linux System 
> Administrators) or Python ( Mostly used by application developers, but 
> can be used for system admin too)

I would go for LPIC first.  RHCE is too vendor specific.  I would only 
get the RHCE AFTER getting the LPIC (I hold LPIC 1 & 2 plus Linux+ certs 
myself).  Taking the LPIC first might make taking the RHCE exams a 
little easier.

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