[Linux-aus] Seeking work (local preferred)

Rohan Hughes rch.industries.au at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 12:54:15 EST 2011

Hello everyone!

My name is Rohan, and I love linux! I have been playing with linux for
roughly 2 years now, and I am still seeking regular, full-time
employment between Ryde, Hornsby and Dural (North of Sydney).

I have experience with debian (and it's derivatives), I know a little
python, html, javascript and ruby and I would love to get a position in
which I could learn more about Open Source Software. I type between 80
and 100 wpm, actually enjoy data-entry and hope to one-day convince the
Australian government that (like Vietnam) Linux is both a cheaper and
more secure option for the purpose of running a business or educating
children. I have limited network and system admin experience, and am
eager to learn more.

I have successfully managed to convince a local school (through a
friends mother / teacher) to convert entirely to linux, and I have
received feedback that the school and it's students not only have no
regrets, but in fact are now actively participating in the linux
community. The school is a Rudolf-Steiner school in Dural, NSW and is
called Lorien Novalis. I am not the person who actually implemented the
linux system, I only encouraged some students and a parent / teacher to
strongly consider it as a viable option.

I look forward to any and all responses / suggestions / hate-mail ;)

-Rohan Hughes

PS: I am hoping to also start my own home-based business providing linux
based PC's, laptops / netbooks and support to my local area over the
next few years if I am unable to find a full-time position working with
linux and system / network admin.

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