[Linux-aus] Young ICT Professionals Conference

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Mon Aug 15 11:04:10 EST 2011

Good morning all

I just wanted to bring to your attention an event coming up in Melbourne 
at the end of this month that you might want to pass on to those close 
to you at work or home.

The ACS Young ICT Professionals Conference (YITCON) 25/26 August 2011 
Crown Promenade Hotel Melbourne.

YITCon 2011 is going to take delegates on a journey, starting with the 
knowledge and skills to explore next steps to turn your idea into reality.

It includes topics like:
Starting your career
Progressing your career
Technology trends

It's going to be a great networking event, as well as a valuable 
learning experience.

The speaker list includes:

Janet Matton, Vice President Operations, IBM Australia
Trudi Sampola, Inventiologist, Inventium
Sam Mutimer, Director of Social Media, thinktank media
Kate Southam, Editor, CareerOne.com.au
Jill Noble, Careers and job seeking expert, Author
David Methven, ICT Manager - Musuem Victoria
Karen Medica, Director, International Student Services, Australian 
Technical Management College (ATMC)
Yohan Ramasundara, Assistant Director Audit, Evaluation & Risk 
Management IP Australia
Joel Nation, Young IT Director, ACS & ICT Manager, PSARN
Ed Hooper, Business Development Manager at rome2rio.com, Groupon
Major General Michael James Milford, Head Information Communications 
Technology Operations Department of Defence
Barry Pipella, Executive Director, Strategic Sales, Telstra Enterprise & 
AJ Kulatunga, Entrepreneur,BLKMGK ICT
Dr.Mark Pedersen, National Innovation Manager, K. J. Ross & Associates
Rod Hutchings, Senior Project Manager IBM Australia
Caroline New, Chief Strategist, Quantum Values
Jane Treadwell, Strategic Adviser and Consultant
Jeremy Crooks, ACS Foundation Team member, Training Manager

Hope to see you or your colleagues. friends or family members there.

Brenda Aynsley, FACS, CP, ACCE Associate
Honorary Life Member and Vice President 2010-2011
Australian Computer Society (ACS)
Chairman SA Committee The Pearcey Foundation Inc
8th Annual ACS Young ICT Professionals Conference
Melbourne, 25-26 August 2011 http://www.yitcon.org.au/
Director Oz Business Partners http://www.ozbusinesspartners.com/
Mobile:+61(0) 412 662 988 || Skype/Yahoo/Twitter: baynsley
Phone:08 7127 0107 Fax:08 8272 7486
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